Fairytale Wedding With A Twist

Fairytale Wedding With A Twist
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Weddings are as predictable as the sun that rises in the east. That is because they all follow the same script that has been written by their culture. There are certain rituals and traditions that go with the ceremony and they have remained fairly unchanged for a long time.
Today, adventurous couples try all kinds of new ways to spice up their weddings. They dispense with some of the more archaic (and now meaningless) traditions, they bring in new elements and they try out new wedding locations. This makes a wedding much more memorable and also fun to attend. Here are some suggestions for twists in your wedding that you can use if you too are in your planning phase.
Dream Destination
Getting married in Gibraltar, if you can afford it, is one of the dreamiest and easiest ways of making your wedding interesting. This is the place that the ancients believed was the gateway to the exotic East from the West. While cultural dialogues have moved past the ‘East-West’ binary, it is still interesting to see the famous straits that straddle the symbolic boundary between these two cultures. Even more fascinating is that the locale is a fascinating blend of the two influences that have been passed down through the ages. What better way to celebrate the union of two individual souls than holding your wedding in a place that embodies the idea of two becoming one?
Do Away With the Pomp and Pageantry
One of the things that make a wedding so predictable is the set of traditions that everyone adheres to. Why not kick the rule book out of the window and have a civil marriage instead? This way you only need to invite a few of your nearest and dearest to attend the actual ceremony and then you can go all out with a reception. Invite all the people you want to invite and celebrate party-style as your guests start to arrive. Not only will this save you the expense of planning a religious “wedding” ceremony, it will also remove most of the stress associated with all the rituals and traditions you are expected to follow. Forget the long white dress; go rock a mini skirt!
DIY and Personalize
From time to time the internet gods celebrate and make viral images of DIY marriage ceremonies that capture the hearts of people simply because they are extremely personal. The upside of a wedding planner is that you don’t need to sweat the details; the downside is that it all becomes a little generic. When you do it yourself however, you can add small touches that speak to you and your partner, such as changing the tall wedding cake into your favourite pie; making the invitation cards by hand; choosing a simple dress and doing your own makeup; asking friends and family to provide photos for string deco around the venue and leaving mismatched chairs out for everyone to sit.