From Leaf To Pack – How Cigarettes Are Made

From Leaf To Pack - How Cigarettes Are Made
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Growing the tobacco
Tobacco has been in use in the world far longer than John Player and Marlborough decided to brand it and sell it as his own. The natives of America both north and south, Arabia all have been relying on the plant and the chemical release it gives long before the western world knew how to tie its shoes or discovered shoes. But the process involved in the making of one of the renowned consumer products in the world is as fascinating as the end result itself. Firstly, in order to smoke tobacco, one must actually grow the plant. It’s not quite the same as planting a few seeds and expecting a tree full of tobacco leaves. First the seeds are grown on seed beds and when they reach a certain length, they are planted or transplanted into the fields where they grow till harvesting time.
Curing the leaf
Once the leaf has been harvested, they need to be cured in order to be able to be fed to the cigarette making machine. There are two methods wherein this process is conducted, fire or artificial heat. The fire method allows for the leaved to actually be smoked dry while the flue or artificial method used heat to dry out the leaves.
Conditioning and blending
Depending on the environment, the leaves have to moistened so that they don’t break when being fed to the cigarette making machine. Then afterwards they are sorted according to size and quality, they are shipped off to the manufacturers depending on the grade and specifications. Then once again the leaves are dried and then again remoistened before being tightly wrapped in a barrel called the hogshead and left to age depending on the quality. During this time, the tobacco gets its aroma and flavour. Then once this time is over, the tobacco is one again moistened and mixed with other blends to get its flavour.
Making the cigarettes
Then the tobacco is finally fed into the device wherein the leaves are pressed and shredded. During this time, fruit juices and other flavours such as menthol is added to the leaves to give it that special flavour depending on the blend. Then the final step is where the paper is mechanically cut according to size and the tobacco is rolled to its specified length with pièce de résistance, the filter is attached at the end, completing the process.
Thus this complete the journey of the tobacco seed which is primed in becoming the necessary ingredient in one of the most sought out pleasure in the world.