Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Someone About To Perform Hajj

Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Someone About To Perform Hajj
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Do you have friends or family members performing the holy pilgrimage of hajj this year? Are they planning on joining the millions of others traveling half way across the world for it? If they are, are you looking for gift ideas that will be practical, meaningful and useful to them during their pilgrimage? Or are you clueless as to what can be given?
If the answer for any of the questions above (especially the last one) is yes, then you’re in luck. Here are our experts’ tips and suggestions.
Things that will help them with their prayers.
There’s no doubt that they are going to be doing a lot of praying during their pilgrimage. Gifting them something that will aid them in their prayers can definitely be useful. From prayer clothes to prayer mats, Muslim prayer beads, electronic counters, to even travel size Qur’ans; your choices are limitless. Most of these can be found in any Islamic store or website.
Things that will help with all the walking.
Just like the praying, the walking is also inevitable. Wearing practical, weather proof and comfortable shoes are not an option, but a must. This is the only way to ensure your feet survive throughout the journey. If you plan on gifting them with shoes, then do try to take them along with you for the shopping; as this is the best way to make sure they fit perfectly and comfortably. Don’t forget to buy a bag to make it easy for them to carry the shoes around when not in use!
Things that will help them during accidents and injuries.
Any moment when large groups of people gather together, is an accident waiting to happen. Truly, we’re not even joking. Accidents and injuries during hajj is fairly common, so going prepared for it is always wise. Gifting them with a light, easily transportable first-aid kit is not only practical, but also very thoughtful. If you don’t want to make your own kit, you can easily find “ready-made” ones in store which sell best Hajj products.
Something to carter the small things around.
There will be moments during their pilgrimage when carrying a large shoulder bag or back pack can be very disadvantages. It can slow you down, or tire you very easily. Ideally, it’s better to not carry around a lot of your things—but we know that’s not always possible. As a solution for this, you can gift them with a belt pouch or side bag. A belt pouch or side bag with many pockets can be very useful for those used to carrying around phones and travel Qur’ans.